Ascension trumpet and euphonium solo and band

Ascension trumpet and euphonium solo and band

Ascension takes it’s name from the inspirational phenomenon that was Felix Baumgartner’s ‘Red Bull Stratos Jump’, 2012. In an age where the stimulation of mass media is so prevalent, it is a rare thing for a single event to captivate the global consciousness. However, the sheer magnitude of human endeavor shown by the ‘Stratos’ project achieved just this. The piece is structured in two continuous sections, representing both the ascending and descending stages of the jump by contrasting a gradually unfolding meditation against an adrenaline fueled scherzo. In line with this contrast, the progressive expansion of technical difficulty and intensity of solo instrumental writing tries to capture the physical experience of Baumgartner himself during the jump. Ascension was jointly commissioned by the Central Band of the Royal Air Force (UK) and Brass Band of Battle Creek (USA) for performance by Steven Mead, Chris Jaudes and Ben Godfrey.
Composer Tom Davoren
Duration 7 min. 30 sec.
Difficulty 6 : Very difficult


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