Transatlantic Dance

Transatlantic Dance

Composed for: United Nations International School Senior Wind Ensemble (New York, U.S.A.) Saskatchewan Music Educators Association Honour Band (Saskatchewan, Canada) Vista Peak Preparatory Symphonic Band (Colorado, U.S.A.) Carmarthenshire Music Service (Wales) The British Association of Symphonic Bands and Wind Ensembles (United Kingdom) Transatlantic Dance was composed in 2017 for a group of of organisations headed by the United Nations International School Senior Wind Ensemble. Echoing the inclusive and international outlook of the wider United Nations organisation the piece seeks to promote co-operation and enjoyment in music making through the setting of three distinct national themes into a piece of energetic light music. The Canadian and American melodies Oh Canada and America the Beautiful are slowly unveiled as the work builds to a triumphant climax, while the Welsh melody Men of Harlech is consistently woven through the work as a tongue in cheek counter melody. Musical material has been chosen to represent the nationality of each performing band. Support for the creation of this work was also given by Wales Arts International.
Composer Tom Davoren
Duration 3 min. sec.
Difficulty 3 : Moderately

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